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The company "Energy Project Group" EOOD has been offering and performing complex supplies of complex non-standard energy equipment for industrial energy sites, as well as sites for the infrastructure of the urban economy, for 10 years, including:

  • equipment of natural gas or biogas cogeneration power plants;
  • thermal oil boilers, pumps, shut-off and regulating fittings for thermal oils;
  • biomass boiler equipment for steam and hot water production;
  • cooling systems from +7°C to -25°C, industrial cooling towers.

Also, our company performs engineering activities on cogeneration power plants of natural gas, biogas, boilers of natural gas and alternative types of fuels.
We are ready to implement pre-project solutions for you and prepare proposals for the realisation of projects for cogeneration sites, as well as biogas plants of various raw materials.
Our company is a long-standing partner of the world-famous manufacturer of gas-piston units MWM (Germany) and offers complex services for the realisation of projects for cogeneration power plants "turnkey".
Our company provides comprehensive services in the design of objects from the industrial electric power industry and energy-efficient solutions, including:
Pre-project decisions
Complex design
Project consulting and engineering
Copyright supervision
The MWM company is a leading global manufacturer of cogeneration systems for industrial power plants as well as infrastructure facilities.

Our company offers the supply of MWM units with power from 400 kW to 4300 kW, both for indoor and containerised sites for installation outside a building.
German MWM systems have one of the highest efficiency on the world market, security and durability. The constant implementation of innovations and scientific developments provide MWM units with the best indicators on the market in terms of efficiency, minimal service losses, safety and reliability.

The units can work both on natural gas and also on biogas (from agricultural waste, from household waste, and from purification facilities).

The company "Energy Project Group" EOOD is an official partner of the world-famous German manufacturer - MWM for Bulgaria and the region."
Also for low power projects we offer units 130-500 kW from the world famous German manufacturer R Schmitt Enertec. These units offer the best efficiency in their segment and are an excellent choice for working with natural gas or biogas for small cogeneration projects
We offer potential customers solid fuel boilers working with different types of wood brand Kalvis (Lithuania).

A distinctive feature of the brand is the high quality of equipment, efficiency, compliance with EU standards and the possibility of creating a system with a high level of automation.

Power range of M1 series boilers: 500-2500 kW.

Various wastes from forestry, agriculture and furniture production can be used as fuel, such as: sawdust, chopped wood, bark, branches, leaves, grass, pellets, granules, husks, plant waste.
The M2 boiler series has an application range of 495-1500 kW in terms of power, with the possibility of using fuel with high humidity (up to 55%).

Depending on the budget and project objectives, a system based on a solid fuel boiler may have: automatic fuel supply / storage, automatic dust / ash removal, flue gas cleaning and heat recovery.
If necessary, it is possible to additionally supply installations for the preparation of wood chips from low-quality wood for its subsequent use as fuel.

The unique innovative thermal oil technology is a modern efficient replacement of steam boilers, using as a heat carrier instead of steam, which is extremely difficult and expensive for the work process, and a special synthetic thermal oil, which, due to its physical properties, lacks the disadvantages of using steam as a cooler. The company "Energy Project Group" EOOD is an official representative of the world-famous German manufacturer - Ascentec. Today, thermal oil boilers are the best option when heating is needed in various fields of activity and production.

We develop and build “turnkey”:
  • Direct fired heat carrier oil heater with various fuels such as natural gas, EL light heating oil, heavy oil and special fuels for mineral and synthetic heat transfer plants up to 405⁰C.
  • One-way waste heat boiler for hot water and heat carrier oil installations with huge amounts of flue gases and limited gas channel pressure loss.
  • Double passage in the boiler for waste heat for oil equipment for hot water and heat carriers with the possibility of good cleaning in case of intensive flue gases.
  • Triple pass in the waste heat boiler for oil hot water and heat carrier equipment for best efficiency at medium or low exhaust gas loads.
  • Special models, such as combinations of direct heating boilers and flue gas boilers.
  • Boilers for waste heat, according to biomass heating, wood chip heating with special possibilities for cleaning during operation.
  • Waste heat boiler for steam installations, incl. safe installations and control.
Advantages of thermo-oil systems from ASCENTEC:

  • Easy to use system – pump pressure instead of steam pressure.
  • No need for air conditioning.
  • No corrosion.
  • No defrosting.
  • Heating, cooling - one device for all applications.
  • High reliability and long service life.
  • No local overheating of consumers, simple management and regulation.
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